Wedding superstitions, beliefs and habits part 2

Some wedding things you also do and sometimes not even realise that is a tradition, habit or superstition...

 If you are superstitious or/and follow traditions and habits then here are some points. 

1. Fiancé can not see his bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony as the legend says it will break their marriage in the near future. Not to say they can not sleep together the night before the big day. He can only see her in front of the altar.

 2. Bride should wear white wedding dress as it symbolises the purity, chastity, life and light.

 3. Rosemary symbolises the loyalty between the spouses. According to the tradition, bride should wear it in her anadem or hair and fiancé got the rosemary in his lounge-jacket’s turn up.

 4. As the saying goes : „Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue”.
 This 4 things that should be appeared on the bride on the wedding day in order to have a happy and lucky married life.
 -Something new : Often the wedding dress or the lingerie is the new that represents a succesful life.
 -Something old : That represents the bride’s girlhood. An old family jewellery or grandmother’s veil is a good choice.
 -Something borrowed : This is something that the bride got from the family and friends to always remember that no matter what happens they will always be there for her and love her. It represents the cohesion.
 -Something blue : Blue represents the purity and softness. Garter or headband or something small barrette in the knot can be the perfect choice.

5. An old tradition that the bride changes her wedding dress at midnight for a red dress as she is not a bride anymore but kimmer and also the bride does not take the veil down until midnight because that means bad luck.
Good to know that the colour of red symbolises the blood, heart and fecundity.

 6. Superstition says that it brings lucky if the bride hide a coin in her shoes.

7. Here is a funny habit. The bride writes down her best girlfriends’ name on her shoes, and at the end of the ceremony, after the party the last name’s owner on the shoes will be the next bride.

 8. As we women do not put down our bags on the floor because on the one hand it becomes dirty and on the other hand the money flow out. On the wedding day bride should not wear peep-toe shoes as the money will flow out between the spouses’ hands.

 9. Few things that should be avoided : see an opened grave, see a monk, see a nun. Forget the engagement-ring at home or lose it. Forbidden to hold the wedding on the spouses’ birthday.

 10. Bride will be the boss in the relationship if the ring gets stuck on her finger.

 11. On the way to the oltar, before the bride takes a step on it, the rout must be covered with flower to avoid the bumpy ride in the spouses’ future.

 12. At the end of the church ceremony, friend and relatives will stand on the two sides of the door outside waiting for the fresh spouses. This means that any problem arises in their relationship they will be there to help them out. Another reason they are standing there is to throw on them some wheats, flowers or rices. Rice symbolises abudant child blessing.

 13. Wedding flower symbolises the bride and it often looks like the same as her in a cleared-out way. Same colour with the dress with some soft colour in it. Sometimes there are pearls in it. At the end of the ceremony the girls who are single line up behind the bride and try to catch the throwing bouquet. The one who catches will be the next bride in the future.

 14. There is an other wedding bouquet which will not be threw away as it symbolises the happiness of the bride. It is important that the groom must have one small bouquet. This is a teeny-weeny flower bouquet that matches with the bride’s bouquet and they wear it their upper jacket pocket.

 15. As the bride wears a garter and after the groom took it down with his mouth, his friends and relatives who are celibate line up behind the fiancé and try to catch the garter. This is the equivalent of the bride’s throwing bouquets.

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