Wedding superstitions, beliefs and habits part 3

Some wedding things you also do and sometimes not even realise that is a tradition, habit or superstition...
If you are superstitious or/and follow traditions and habits then here are some points.

1. Why the empty cans at the back of the car? It is so easy to find out! They make noises while the car is running so the noise scares away the bad luck, the lack of money in the future and even the bad ghosts.

2. There are some superstitions about the wedding cake also. The spouses must cut the cake together as it symbolizes the inherence. The one whom the hand is up on the other’s hand will wear the jeans in the marriage. It is also important that how many levels have the cake as it refers to the amount of the children.

3. During the dinner the kimmer holds a boy child in her laps because it brings the good luck to give a life to a boy in the future. If there is no boy in the guests or in the family then a girl is good also as the children are always important in life no matter what is the gender.

4. When they move in their new house together there must be some salt and a loaf of bread as it persecutes the starvation in their life. 

5. Superstition says that if you hold your wedding on Monday, it brings health. If you hold on Saturday then you will be unhappy, Tuesday promises wealth while Wednesday brings happiness.

6. Mirrors have always been risky. It is no different on the weeding day also. If the bride would like to look in the mirror then she better takes off a jewel or something small from herself as the mirror can bring some bad lucks to her. 

7. So many spouses hold this habit in our days also. Husband carries her wife to the other side of the doorstep. This habit is for chasing away the bad fortune. 

8. Car convoys’ honkings are for the same reason as the empty cans. The loud noises persecute away the bad devils.

9. If the groom pets a black cat on his wedding day it brings happiness in his life to the marriage. 

10. The bride should not help in the making of her wedding dress as it brings so many tasks in her marriage she has to deal with. Sluggards are in advantage!!!

11. I bet you noticed that the wedding rings are always circle. That is because the circle means infinitude and when two people decide to marry together they mean infinity.

12. Bridesmaids are often in the same type of dress and that is because if they are single they have the same chance to find a man for themselves and marry. Bridesmaids have a big and very important task during the wedding, they have to defend the bride from the devil.

13. Bride is on Sale! – shouts the groom. At midnight he holds a saucepot and hits it with a wooden spoon. Guests then try to catch the bride for a dance while the others collect some money for the fresh spouses to make easier their life. After the dances if the guests are run out , the husband grasps the saucepot full with money, puts inside his wallet and picks up his wife and run away with her.

14. Weather often can play a trick on us. If the weather is sunny on the wedding day then this is an express sign of the happiness in their life. If the rain is raining, then it brings wealth in their life as the lots of raindrops means coins. 

15. Hide the keys deep down somewhere!  This was an old habits that the friends loved but the spouses are not really. During the party the spouses’ friends sneak into their house and make a mess. This is all about to show them that life will not always be easy and be ready for the hard times also and always be there for each other to help. 

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