Where to eat

You do not know where to eat near the Castle Hill ? Here you can read some ideas and you can choose out the best for you.

On Castle Hill and Near the Gellért Hill
  • Inside the Fisherman’s Bastion there is a cafe and bar, with a stunning view out over the Danube.
  • For cake and coffee the so called Ruszvurm is the perfect choise. This is Budapest’s oldest café.
  • Pierrot has a good offering in the Fortuna street 14. Pierrot is filled with live piano strains and has delicious crépes (pancakes).
  • Rivalda has some Hungarian dishes. It also has a courtyard in the summer to sit out for a quality lunch.
  • Náncsi néni is good for a family lunch. It’s aim is to introduce you to the traditional and Hungarian recipes.
Hungarian cakes and pastries
  • Dobos cake : Chocolate sponge with a chocolate cream, crunchy caramel on top
  • Rétes : You know it as strudel. Fillings with apple and cinnamon or the combo of poppy seed with cherry and even there is one more favoured, the sweet curd cheese strudel, but if you go in a strudel house you will bump into a million type of strudels.
    Ischler : Shortcake biscuits sandwiched together filled with jam and on the top it is covered with melted chocolate. This one is a must have cake on Christmas day in Hungary.
  • Esterházy cake : This is a soft cake with walnuts and vanilla cream.
  • Rigó Jancsi : Sponge cake from chocolate and vanilla, filled with chocolate fondandt.

Near the Gellért 

The coffee house in the Gellért Hotel takes you back to the past. Coffe is served in porcelain and on a metal tray with a glass of water.
You should try out their sweet-sticky walnut filled croissant.

With family the hotel beer garden is favourized for an authentic Budapest experience.

On the other side of the Liberty Bridge there is the Great Market Hall where you can always find something to eat quickly.

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