Parlament Látogatás Folklór Előadással és Italos Hajókirándulással

Parlament Látogatás Folklór Előadással és Italos Hajókirándulással
Parlament Látogatás Folklór Előadással és Italos Hajókirándulással
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Complete your trip in Budapest with a day of history, culture and breathtaking sights and witness the country’s most important building from up close! 

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The Hungarian Parliament is the third largest parliament building of the world and one of the most recognised landmarks of Hungary. Built in 1904 by Imre Steindl in a peculiar Eclectic style mixed with Neo-Gothic details it is currently the largest building of the country. Tours are available throughout the day from 10AM and you may select any tour from the options just make sure to be able to make it to the Folklore Show on time! A guide will take you around the gigantic halls of the House of Parliament while sharing the secrets of its past. You will even have a chance to explore the hall of the National Assembly and to lay your eyes on the holiest relics of Hungarian history, the Holy Crown and the crowning jewels.

Following your trip at the big house, experience the cultural heritage of Hungary in the evening on the most popular folklore dance and music shows of Budapest.

Organised in the golden theatre hall of the historically significant Danube Palace in the city centre, the 90 minute show is headlined by the world famous Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Rajkó Folk Ensemble and Orchestra and the Danube Folk Ensemble. With their talented dancers accompanied by several highly skilled musicians, the ancient culture of Hungary will unfold right in front of you.

After the performance, you will meet your hostess in the hall of the Danube Palace and they will giude you to the boat. 

Enjoy a welcome drink after boarding and prepare for pure amazement. As the sun sets, Budapest quietly transforms into its majestic night form of lights. Witness the beauty of the illuminated Parliament, the Basilica, and the Great Market Hall among several other stunning locations as you cruise along them.

Aside from the complimentary welcome drink, the cruise includes another glass of selectable beverage from a wide range of soft drinks, wine or beer. Take in an unconcealed view from the open air balconies of the boat while sipping away on your favourite refreshment.

As a complimentary bonus to your ticket, you will receive free passes to two additional historic Danube ships as well with their own stunning exhibitions inside.
Board a 100-year old steamboat, the Kossuth Museum ship (Budapest, Vigadó dock 2, 1052) and the Gróf Széchenyi Museum Ship (built 1939) (Id. Antall József rkp. 18, Budapest, 1052).

Have an unforgettable day in Budapest!

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