Budapest' Confectioneries 1

Desserts in restaurants while sweets are in confectioneries.... Nowadays there is no difference as dessert and sweets are one and same. Budapest has many confectioneries that offers you a wide selection from salty sweets to sweets sweets.

Desszert.Neked has been operating since 2014. They are famous because of their macarons, mousses and their summer ice cream supply is always unique. Their sweets are never too mawkish as theey perfectly combine the fruit’s acidity and the softness of cream-butter with the chocolate’s pronounced flavor. They also serve cup creams and sometimes hold dessert courses. On these courses you can learn how to make foam bags, sugar flower from ice and other techniques from the best masters of confectioner.

Adress – 1061, Budapest Paulay Ede street 17.

Chez Dodo
Chez Dodo is located in Budapest’ heart in the Sas street. Walking around we can see how the macarons are made from a big glass window. Dóri the founder and owner learned in Paris to make the best macarons and when she came home she started to apply her knowledge. Tourists from all the way come here to taste her famous sweets and French tourists must realise that there is no difference between Dóri’s and Paris’ macarons. Macarons come with seasonal boxes which can be so showy.

Adress – 1051, Budapest Sas street 7.


Gerbeaud Café
Vörösmarty square gives place for the Gerbaud Café. Kugler Henrik confectioner opened his first confectionery close to the Vörösmarty square on József Nádor square. Later in 1870 they moved to Vörösmarty square and from that time till now its still operating in the same place. Gerbeaud is famous for its mignons and this was the first place where the mignons were placed on a small paper plate so it could be taken away. Gerbeaud still produces the classis and traditional cakes of Hungary with presso coffees. Also you can have a breakfast here or sundaes with some mini cakes.

Adress – 1051, Budapest Vörösmarty square 7. 

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