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Name: Hungária Koncert Co. Ltd.
Seat: 27 Abonyi Street, Ground Floor 2, Budapest, Hungary, H-1146
Mailbox:1051. Bp. Pf. 51.
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone/Fax Number: 003613172754 and 003613171377
Hungarian Tax Identification Number: 12032707-2-42 
(EU-VAT No.:HU12032707)
Registered by: the Company Registry Court of Budapest-Capital Regional Court 
Registry No.: 01-09-369387
 (hereinafter referred to as: Hungaria Koncert)

1. Hungaria Koncert processes the consumer’s (data subject’s) data both with the consumer’s consent and within the frame of obligatory data processing.
2. Within the frame of obligatory data processing, the laws and regulations enable Hungaria Koncert to process the consumer’s (data subject’s)
certain data in order to invoice and provide the services.
3. Hungaria Koncert, however, asks the consumer’s (data subject’s) permission even in case of data that Hungaria Koncert is legally entitled to process,
so the primary base for the data processing is even in that case, consent. However, the service cannot be accessed without providing the obligatory data.
4. In addition to the previous, the consumer (data subject)can decide so that she/he provides additional data which Hungaria Koncert uses for market research and efficiency improvement purposes. Providing such data, however is not obligatory in order to access the services.
5. The breakdown of the data, the rights and the measures toprotect them provided to the consumer (data subject) are contained in the next
articles of this Policy.

1. The data processed in case of consensual data processing:
a) all data specified in paragraph 2,
b) the consumer’s (data subject’s) phone number,
c) the consumer’s (data subject’s) age,
d) the consumer’s (data subject’s) gender.
2. The data processed in case of obligatory data processing:
a) the consumer’s (data subject’s) name,
b) the consumer’s (data subject’s) address,
c) the data, duration and location when/for which/where the service will be provided,
d) the data that is technically necessary for the provision of the service, including but not limited to the consumer’s email address.

1. The purpose of data processing in case of consensual data processing:
a) market research,
b) quality protection,
c) efficiency improvement,
d) the purposes specified in paragraph 2.
2. The purpose of data processing in case of obligatory data processing:
a) in case of Article III paragraph 2 a) and b) 
aa) to conclude,
ab) to specify the content of,
ac) to modify or amend,
ad) to monitor the fulfillment of,
ae) to invoice the charges related to,
af) to enforce the claims arising from
a contract on the provision of an Information Society service,
b) in case of Article III paragraph 2 a), b) and c) the further purpose of data processing is to invoice the charges stemming from the contract,
c) in case of Article III paragraph 2 d) the purpose of data processing is to provide the service.

1. The legal ground of data processing in case of consensual data processing:a) Info Act § 5 (1) a),b) the consent of the data subject.2. The legal ground of data processing in case of obligatory data processing:a) Info Act § 5 (1) b)b) E-commerce Act §§ 13/A, 13/B,c) VAT Act § 169 e).3. The legal grounds have the following sequence:a) the primary legal ground of data processing is the consent of the consumer (data subject),b) all data in frame of obligatory data processing can and shall be processed, even without the consent,.c) in case of consensual data processing, the data can be processed based on § 6 (5) of the Info Act and Article VIII of this Policy,d) in case of legal grounds specified in points b) and c), that one shall be applied that – considering the data in question and the aimed effect – has closer connection to the purpose of the data processing.

1. The person of the data controller is specified in Article I of this Policy.

1. The duration of the data processing in case of consensual data processing:
- until the consent is revoked.
2. The duration of the data processing in case of obligatorydata processing:
- in accordance with the Accounting Act (currently, 8 years).

The data processing that is qualified as being construed in accordance with § 6 (5) of the Info Act, therefore if the data are collected with the consent of the data subject, and the law doesn’t rule otherwise, the data controller can process the data without further consent and after the constent is revoked, in order to
a) fulfill a legal obligation,
b) to enforce a legal claim connected to the data subject ora third party, if enforcing the claim is  proportional to the restriction.

Those entitled to acquire the data are the following: the data processor specified in Article VI, its affiliated companies and their employees. Third parties are not entitled to acquire the data.

1. Excepting the case of obligatory data processing, the data subject can ask to Hungaria Koncert 
a) be informed about the processing of her/his personaldata,
b) correct her/his personal data,
c) delete or block her/his personal data – excepting thecase of obligatory data processing.
2. If requested, Hungaria Koncert informs the data subject on the data processed by the data controller or processed by a data processor, their source, the purpose and duration of the data processing, the name and seat of the data processor and its activities related to processing the data, the circumstances of the data protection incident, its effects and the and actions taken in order to repel it and if the data are forwarded, the addressee and legal ground of the forwarding.
3. In case of violation of the data subject’s rights, she/heshall use the options contained in the Info Act and the Civil Code and go to court or request support from the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

In accordance with § 65 (3) a) of the Info Act, Hungaria Koncert – as a webshop processing customer data – is not subjected to compulsory registration.

1. Hungaria Koncert uses cookies in order to recognize the consumer (data subject) as a user during the use of the service and to store
technical data for the correct functioning of the website on the consumer’s (data subject’s) computer. A cookie is a text file that is stored on the consumer’s (data subject’s) computer and which allows an analysis of the consumer’s (data subject’s) use of the Website. With this cookie, Hungaria Koncert stores only each random session and the serial number of the customer’s (data subject’s) visit.
2. If the customer (data subject) does not wish to usecookies, the customer (data subject) can block their use in her/his browser. However, as a result of blocking cookies, it is possible that the consumer (data subject) may be unable to use certain areas of the Website.
3. The Website uses Google Analytics, a web analyticsservice of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics also uses cookies (see paragraph 1.). The information generated by cookies about the use of thewebsite is usually transferred to a Google service in the United States and stored there. In case IP anonymization is activated on this website, Google will truncate the customer’s (data subject’s) IP address within the area of Member States of the European Union or other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be first transferred to a Google server in the United States and truncated there. Google will use this information on the behalf of Hungaria Koncert as the operator of this website for the purpose of evaluating the customer’s (data subject’s) use of the Website, to compile reports for Hungaria Koncert on website activities and for providing other services related to website use and internet use. The IP address that the customer’s (data subject’s) browser sends as part
of Google Analytics will not be associated with any other data held by Google. The customer (data subject) may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the
appropriate settings on her/his browser, however the customer (data subject) may be unable to use certain areas of the Website. The consumer (data subject) can also prevent the data generated by the cookie about her/his use of the Website (including the IP address) from being sent to Google and the data from being processed by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link:
4. The Website uses the Google service Google Maps (“GoogleMaps API”) which provides the customer (data subject) with more information. Certain data may be transmitted to Google when it is being used, but this is done anonymously.

1. consumer (data subject): a natural person who is acting primarily for purposes which are not related to his or her trade, business or profession and is identified or may – directly or indirectly – be identified by the personal data
2. service: the Program ordered by the consumer (data subject),
3. data processor: the natural person or legal entity orother organization that processes data under contract (in this case, also meaning contracts concluded because of a legal obligation) 
4. consent: a voluntary and definite expression ot the data subject’swill which is based on sufficient information and with which the data subject gives an unambiguous consent to the – full or partial (encompassing only some operations) processing of her/his data
5. protest: the data subject’s declaration with which she/he objects the processing of her/his personal data and requests the termination of data processing and deletion of the processed data.
6. the Website:
7. Cited sources of law:
a) Info Act: Act of Parliament No. CXII. of 2011 on the right of self-determination of information and the freedom of information
b) E-commerce Act: Act of Parliament No. CVIII. of 2001 on questions pertaining to the electronic commercial services and services related to information society,
c) VAT Act: Act of Parliament No. CXXVII. of 2007 on the Value Added Tax,
d) Accounting Act: Act of Parliament No. C. of 2000 on accounting
e) Civil Code: Act of Parliament No. V. of 2013 on the Civil Code
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