Budapest' Confectioneries 3

Desserts in restaurants while sweets are in confectioneries.... Nowadays there is no difference as dessert and sweets are one and same. Budapest has many confectioneries that offers you a wide selection from salty sweets to sweets sweets.

A little France in Budapest. This is what characterize the ChouChou confectionery. Tartes, mousses, chouxes, macarons, truffels, and bonbons are waiting for you to show what its like being in France. There is a restaurant somewhere where only the ChouChou’s sweets are offered on the Menu. If you have ever been in France then this is a must stop and if you never then that is the reason to stop here for a dessert.

Adress – 1136, Budapest Hegedűs Gyula street 23.

Édesem started with a blog where Szonja the founder wrote recipes about sweets. Édesem blog is a big favourite among the hosewives who wanted to make something sweet for the family or something quick and quality dessert for guests in the weekends. They have seasonal desserts that always come back to the store from time to time to feed those who are wandering on the Buda side. This confectionery is like when you go to your grandmother and eat something homely and something that only grandma can make the best.

Adress – 1024, Budapest corner of Tizedes street and Kis Rókus