Budapest Zoo

A place that can be fun for children and adults alike. A place where you can switch off your mind and enjoy the proximity of nature. 

7 continents’ animal attractions on 11 acres. Meet more than 8000 unique animals in a spectacular monumental zoo.

Australian Zone:
 On the other side of the globe, Australia and the surrounding areas are home to a very special fauna. Lots of special animals are living here like coalas, kangaroos, anthills, wombats, black swans, and even specific lizards.

Thick-skinned giants:
Elephants, hippos, and rhinoceros. At the end of the 19th-century scientists thought that animals such as elephants, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus were close relatives. They thought it could not be any other, as these animals are all enormous, all resembling each other in that their bodies are covered with thick skin and they have columnar feet.

Various monkeys and related half-apes, like makis, are living in this zone. Nowadays you can meet primates at several places in the Zoo. Gorillas, orangutans, makis are living in the Zoo and you can meet with them in body close.

Savannah Zone:
The Savannah Zone is a showcase for African wildlife, including species of grasslands and savannahs.
Here live the giraffes, antelopes or the gazelles. The Savannah Complex also includes the a separate residence for the meerkats. However red buffaloes, brush-eared pigs, and flamingos catwalks are also here in this zone.

India Zone:
India Zone includes, first and foremost, the House of India, the catwalks of tigers and leopards. On the other side red pandas, Asian wild dogs, brown bears, and Indian antelopes are living. Lions, wolverines, takins and the others can be visited this part of the Zoo.

America Tropicana:
Catwalks of pampas, house of crocodiles, aquariums full of unique fishes, giant otters… what else do you need to take a walk here? There will be no shortage of excitement. Cute or dangerous and creepy? Both can be visited here.

Madagascar Zone:
Its center is the House of Madagascar. Ring-tailed lemurs with several colorful bird species. Spiky turtles and rare golden-bellied mangabeys are living together with these lemurs.

These are just one of the plenty other zones and places you can visit in the Zoo. If you are hungry then you can have lunch in the Zoo in restaurants.

Adress : 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti Boulevard 6-12