Gödöllő and its surroundings

Gödöllő is a metropolitan are in Pest county close to Budapest. Its population is around 35.000 due to a 2010 census but it is growing rapidly. Easy to reach with car and with public transportation also.

Gödöllő hides many treasures which are so unique and beautiful that everybody must see once in their life. So many museums, parks, the famous Gödöllői Castle and even many kindergartens and schoolsuniversity can be found here.

Királyi Váró which name’s means Royal Waiting Room which functioned as a room where the royal couple could wait their train to arrive. Sisi and Ferenc József made Gödöllő their fancy summer residence’s town. This place was built in Neo-Renaissance style and was renovated last in 1882 with the original plans. Nowadays there are exhibitions inside the building which concentrates and focused on the royal family’s cult.

Adress – 2100 Gödöllő, Állomás square 1-3

As we mentioned above many schools and universities can be found here and Saint Stephen Universityis one of them. This is Hungary’s main education institute of agriculture. You feel like you drip into an another world on the university’s campus where a botanic garden and an agricultural museum can be found. If you look inside the university’s hall you can see one of Amerigo Tot’s most famous alto-relievo.

Adress - 2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly street 1.

Gödöllő City Museum
In the renovated Hamvay-Chateau a cinema and a museum have been located. We can visit the National scout collection and of course we know the history about the city’s and Gödöllő’s artists’ colony.

Adress - 2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság square 5. 
Szabadság Square
This is Gödöllő’s main square where people are doing their everyday life like shopping in the market, running the restaurants and hotels, playing in the playground with their child or just enjoying the bustling city around themselves. Here you can see the newly renovated playground, the market and next to it there is  the pelican fountain which symbolises the city’s emblem. You can see here the old village house which is now the Erzsébet Hotel and RestaurantWorld Peace Gong is located here which is from the Indonesian World Peace Commision, gifted to our home which symbolises the brotherhood amongst the people

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