Traditional Hungarian Costume

Traditional way of dressing in Hungary was the Hungarian Costume. Nowadays Hungarians do not wear these clothes in the everyday life, only the members of the folk dance ensemble wear them in performances

In a far distant villages some people wear these unique made hungarian clothes only to tribute. 

 Traditional costume consists of several dress compositions.
 These are the following from the top to the bottom.

For heads: In the beginning of the 19th century men wore a cylindrical cap, later they changed it for a high-brimmed cap and some wore spinning hat while others wore hat that was similar to a cylinder. These were the head-gears and they loved to embellish them with some flowers or feathers. This decoration is still in fashion in our days and dancers in ensembles wear it proudly.
 Whilst men wore different types of hat, women wore headkerchief. It could be various in colour, in decoration and in size. They tied it variously, like under their chin, behid their neck nay they sometimes tied it like the Turks make turbans. Women used to do it to hold and hide their hair.

Skirt and pants:
Women wore big skirts and under they put on chemises to hide their body. First they only wore skirts that has no front and the only cloth was the apron in the front of the skirt to hide their body. Later this has changed and they started to wear skirt that had front also and it was similar to a skirt called ”muszuj”. Curiosity that men also wore apron and nowadays in a performance its still discoverable both on women and on men.
Pants were only wear by men. These were loose-fitting pants if the shirt was lettered in the pants, and were small-scale pants if the shirt was long and was not lettered in. In winter on cold days these pants were also good as an underclothing and they could easily wear on them another pants as well.

Foot gears:
In the beginning they wore sandal which was made from leather. Boots became popular and started to wear on holidays like Christmas, wore in churches but only on special occasions as the boots were really expensive. Men put on the boots a spur to make it unique.


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