Vegan - Vegetarian Restaurants part 1

You do not eat anything thats made from animal ? You do not have to! Here some places where you can eat abandon! At last there are more and more places that offer you vegan and vegetarian options. Here we show you some tips.

1. Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery
In this restaurant you will find vegetarian, gluten free, raw dishes, side dishes, Bio teas, seasonal selection, pizzas and even desserts of course. In one word : everything. Except meat !

Adress :  Budapest 1052, Ferencziek square 2. (corner of Curia and Veres Pálné street)

2. Vegetarian Hummus Bar
The first Hummus Bar opened in 2005 and soon because of the huge popularity the Hummus Bar expanded. Of course all of the restaurants offer meat and vegetarian meals as well. Guests are greeted with a welcome drink. Price is acceptable and students even get 10 % discounts. If you like or would like to try out the Jerusalem food and falafel, then this is the place for you.

Adress : Budapest1054, Alkotmány street 20.

3. Vegan Love Burger Place 
Not just vegetarian but vegan too? You will love this place!!! Come to this place and eat healty, eat delicious and be happy.

Adress : Budapest 1114, Bartók Béla street 9.

4. Naspolya Nassolda Cake Shop 
Have you ever heard about medlar? This is a fruit aside from north. This is a Scandinavian fruit. This place is mainly for sweet mouthed as there are cakes, pies, small sweets and snacks. Of course healthy breakfast also on their menu with a nice and fresh juice variety.
This place is so romantic it can be good for a cute date also.

Adress - Budapest 1061, Káldy Gyula street 7.

5. Édeni Vegan Restaurant 
Meals made with coconut fat mostly. Egg-, gluten-, sugar-, diary free. No meat, no food by animal. What more?
Burgers, salads, main dishes, desserts are on the menu. After a long touristic day you would like to chill at home? Édeni Vegan Restaurant can deliver your meal.

Adress - Budapest 1011, Iskola street 31.

6. Vegan Garden 

This is a place with many smaller restaurants or streetfood trucks. Here it is guaranteed that you will find something to eat. Hamburgers, pizzas, salads, everything that you can imagine. Also the athmosphere here is something special. Come and enjoy this place daytime or nightime it does not matter.

Adress - Budapest 1072, Dob street 40.