Ash Wednesday

In other names Dry Wednesday or Fasting Pliers Wednesday. 

Ferenc Erkel

Hungarian conductor, composer, pianist and chess master. He was the first chairman of the Pest Chess Circle. 

Ferenc Liszt

Mainly known as Franz Liszt... Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor, and music master. One of the most significant composers of the 19th century.


Cymbal is a Hungarian instrument which is a stringed one with two beats and belongs to the family of zithers. 


Fasting in the Christian community is the forty days of preparation and repentance. Its essence is preparing for Jesus Christ’s resurrection feast. 

Valentine's Day for Singles

Valentine’s Day is not only for lovebirds and couples.If you are single you can enjoy this day as others.

Széchenyi Spa's massages

Having 15 pools indoors and 3 open-air bathing facilities the spa is considered the largest in the whole continent. 

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is on 14th of February

Beliefs about the weather

Long ago, in the absence of a meteorological report, correlations were observed with the weather.

Carnival festivities

According to the tradition at the end of the festivities we also chase away the winter and on Palm Sunday we are celebrating the coming of Spring.